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Cheap Flights to San Francisco

San Francisco is the cultural and financial center of Northern California, and it is the second most populous metropolis in the US after New York City. A lot of tourists fly to San Francisco every day to experience the special atmosphere. San Francisco is known for its very liberal attitude, its hilly terrain, the irresistible Victorian architecture and the fog, which comes from the sea. To visit San Francisco, you will have to know about the San Francisco flight information then you can plan your tour accordingly.

Weather in San Francisco

San Francisco’s climate is mild throughout the year because it is surrounded by water on three sides. The cool stream from the Pacific damps temperature fluctuations, so you get cooled in the summer and kept warm in winter.

Place to visit in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge: One of the world’s most beautiful bridges, and definitely among the easiest to recognize with its bright red color and stylish bridge pin.

Alcatraz: The famous catching island is another of San Francisco’s easily recognizable sights, also known from countless movies and TV shows.

Lombard Street: The city’s steepest street and known from many an action scene down the scarce turns.

Fisherman’s Wharf: Surprisingly, a fish market is one of San Francisco’s highlights.

Twin Peaks: Take the ride on the hill above the city, which has named the cult series of David Lynch.

Best time to visit San Francisco

San Francisco is known for the fog that sits over the city during the summer months, and the temperature is usually not higher than 20 degrees, even in summer. Best time to visit San Francisco is from September to November, as the temperature is moderate and there are fewer tourists. Don’t forget to keep San Francisco travel guide with you while traveling the city.

Flights to San Francisco

You can find cheap flights to San Francisco easily. The city with mild climate round the year attracts lots of tourists daily. If you have planned your visit, then book the cheap flight to San Francisco and get the chance to enjoy all of the city’s sights.

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